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Welcome to ALL in One SEO Tools  - Backlink Maker!

Our free back links Maker/Generator tool will automatically submit your website to more than 1000 of different websites.


Build Quality Back-links with Just One Click

Put your best SEO foot forward and generate a large number of high value back links in few seconds. Simply enter your website URL below and click “Make” to watch the free backlink maker tool do its job!

All you need to do is just type your website URL in the form below and click Build Back links. Our tool will take it from there!


How Does Our Free Backlink Maker tool Work?

The backlink Maker tool submits your website URL to 660 different websites that automatically offer free back links to your website. Each of these sites has been collected and validated in a by webmasters, and our free tool automates the entire backlink building process for you. We hope you enjoy our free backlink generator tool and will recommend to your SEO friends.

All of the websites in our list provide free website listings/submitting, site statistics, and site reports with dedicated URLs mostly ping websites to be very frank.

Backlink Maker processes the entire list, submits your URL to each website, and checks the status to make sure your site is listed or not gets listed.

This auto backlink Maker tools is SPAM-free, and contains no adult or illegal sites. Each site in our link building list accepts free listings, so you don't have to worry about your link showing up on less than desirable websites.


What is backlink & Why Link back links are Important?

Backlink is basically incoming (inbound) links to your site.

Backlinks are one of the most important factors for SEO (Search Engine Optimization). The number of back links your website have this indicates the popularity or importance of your website or a page. This is used by Google page rank (basically Google page rank is a score -that shows the quality of website or web page- for websites and WebPages between 0 and 10.



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